EV Growth vs. Renewable Mandates: How Storage Can Solve the Utility Dilemma

A recent Moody’s report on the projected growth of electric vehicles in California outlines a significant issue faced by utilities across the country: How to accommodate the increased demand created by EVs more

Sunverge Making an Impact : Donation Supports Bloominglabs Students at Supe[...]

Last year, Sunverge Energy donated more than $80,000 in equipment to the Bloomington-based nonprofit Bloominglabs, the first makerspace (aka “hackerspace”) founded in Indiana. more

Tesla’s Vision for Two-Sided Market in Distributed Energy Resources Alre[...]

I was intrigued reading this recent Motley Fool article examining the potential of Tesla creating a Silicon Valley-style “two-sided market” in the solar+storage space. more

The Apple-ification of the Energy Industry

Apple’s App Store changed the marketplace for applications by creating a revenue-sharing model that gave even the smallest developer a potential marketplace of millions. more

Forward-Thinking Policy Makers Are Reshaping our Energy Future Now

In its coverage of the recent merger between SolarCity and Tesla, The Wall Street Journal ran a story focusing on the “extremely small” current market for energy storage. more

Considering Musk’s ‘Master Plan’: Why Choice Matters

Pretty much every business page on Wednesday covered Elon Musk’s second “master plan” around a future of sustainable energy. A significant component of that plan calls for combining rooftop solar panels with on-site storage into a single renewable energy package for the home. more

Solar Installers Fuel Energy Storage Industry Growth

While a lot of the media attention about storage has gone to the large-scale projects undertaken in partnership with forward-looking utilities, a great deal of the expansion of the market comes from another source: Solar installers. A large number of our partners are solar installers, so we weren’t surprised by this headline noting that the […] more

Delivering Energy Bill Savings to Low-Income Families

For consumers, one of the major benefits of storage technology is driving down their energy bills, alone or in combination with renewable generation like rooftop solar. That’s why we’ve seen an increasing number of homeowners invest in the technology, either on their own or as part of a utility-led project. So far, though, these benefits […] more