Weathering the Island Utility Storm

It’s the peak of hurricane season, and for utilities serving island populations in regions like the Caribbean, this is probably the most stressful time of the year. When it comes to maintaining reliable electric power to their customers, tropical storms can wreak havoc and leave people without power just when they need it most. Add to that […] more

Utilities Prepare for Citizen Power Generators

When President Obama announced his landmark climate change regulations earlier this month, he put forward an ambitious goal for reducing emissions from the nation’s power plants. Under the new policy, by 2030 all the nation’s utility-scale generating plants must reduce their emissions levels by almost a third from their 2005 levels. more

Sunverge Donates Equipment to Makerspace Bloominglabs

Sunverge Energy, Inc., a leading provider of smart distributed energy storage systems, has donated more than $80,000 in equipment to the Bloomington-based nonprofit Bloominglabs, the first makerspace founded in Indiana. The donated Sunverge embedded computers will be used in Bloominglabs’ community partnership programs, which provide learning and maker activities to community groups including Bloomington-based children’s […] more

Not all Lithium-Ion Batteries are Created Equal

Electric Airbus that uses Kokam batteries (Courtesy: Flight Club) When they first hit the market, whether in laptops or packs that powered cordless tools, lithium-ion batteries offered a leap in performance when compared with other types of batteries like lead-acid or nickel-cadmium. Lithium ion cells weren’t immediately adopted in all tools or machines, however, because […] more

How to Achieve NY REV’s Near-Utopian Goals for Our Energy Future

Everyone who works in the energy industry knows that once-in-a-century changes are coming in the way energy is generated, distributed and used by consumers in North America. What they don’t know is exactly how the energy landscape will look when those changes have fully played out. From New York to California to Hawaii, U.S. states […] more

Nature Gives Us Renewable Energy. Software Enables Smart Renewable Energy

Not that we need experts at MIT to tell us something so obvious, but a May 2015 MIT report confirms, “Solar energy is a particularly important tool for addressing the global climate challenge, while helping to meet a massive increase in future electricity demand.” Yes, solar energy is good. And so are other renewable energy […] more
Artist rendering of the completed 2500 R Midtown affordable housing community. (Courtesy: Pacific Housing)

If Affordable Housing Can Draw Zero Net Energy, Then Anything Can

To most of the public, solar panels and batteries for home energy storage may seem like status baubles of the wealthy—cool, but not practical in an actually-saves-money kind of way. That was true, at one point. But this essential technology has now proven itself within the demanding setting of an affordable housing installation. If solar […] more

Building the Business Case for Storage; Swimming Up Streams Assessing and A[...]

Energy storage can mean different things to different people; more often than not, it’s simply batteries in a box. From our perspective, however, customer-sited distributed storage means an integrated platform where best-in-class components are chosen for their reliability, safety and performance and integrated with cloud-based controls and algorithms into a UL-certified appliance intended for use […] more