Why the Distributed Energy Storage Market Will Reach 21 GW by 2025

Utilities, customers and regulators all recognize the essential role storage plays in modernizing the grid and ensuring resiliency. more

What are Two of the Scariest Words to Utilities in California?

How about “solar eclipse?” That’s how important solar generation has become in the state: Utilities and CAISO are preparing to handle fluctuations in generation and demand during a partial eclipse this summer. For 82 minutes on the morning of August 21, the moon will move across the path of the sun. Sunny California will be […] more

30K Solar+Storage Homes. 680 Square Miles. Feasible?

27 percent of utilities are expecting to invest in behind the meter storage, according to the recently released Utility Dive “State of the Electric Utility” survey. 24 percent of utilities are already deploying behind the meter storage in pilot projects. 4 percent have already brought it into their core utility operations. Yet despite the optimistic […] more

Blackouts and Resilience in SF and NY

If we needed a wake-up call that we require a more reliable and resilient electric grid in the US, one that’s restructured around distributed generation and robust storage, we got it. more

Australia is Modernizing its Grid at an Impressive Pace, Where is the US?

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Sunverge Stands for Safety

As residential energy storage systems using lithium-ion batteries have begun to proliferate, it’s natural that people would seek to better understand the safety features built into these systems. more

Energy Storage Increases Emissions: Think again

No matter how you look at things, the fundamental emissions problem we have today comes from the fact that the grid is dirty – we still generate a great deal of our power using fossil fuels. more

2017 Predictions for Distributed Energy Resources

For Sunverge and other distributed storage companies, all signs indicate storage will continue its upward growth trend in 2017. more