The Sunverge Energy Platform operates rooftop solar, energy storage and other energy management devices in an intelligent manner for your home or business. If the grid goes down, Sunverge helps power your home or business for days.

“My Sunverge system gives me the confidence that I’m maximizing the energy generated from my rooftop solar system and doing my small part to reduce carbon emissions.”

– Kellie, homeowner in Sacramento, CA


Bill Savings

The Sunverge software algorithms proactively control solar, storage and other energy management devices to save money for homes and businesses. The software works in real time to maximize the benefit of stored power even amidst fluctuations in solar production levels, electricity prices, tariffs and electricity usage.

Solar Self-Consumption

Sunverge helps homes and businesses retain more value from their initial investment in rooftop solar by storing solar power for use at night or during periods of peak demand.

Backup Power

The value of backup power during outages is priceless. When an outage occurs, the Sunverge system takes over in milliseconds – so fast it won’t disrupt computer equipment or digital clocks. The combination of solar and storage can power a portion of a home during extended grid and internet outages.

Smart Home Energy Management

By communicating with smart home appliances—such as thermostats, smart plugs, smart water heaters and other devices—Sunverge helps consumers optimize their electricity usage throughout the day and night, keeping bills low, energy usage flat and comfort constant.

Virtual Power Plant

Homes and businesses have the option of using their stored power to participate in a dynamic electricity market as part of a virtual power plant.

“Sunverge gives me the ability to use stored energy from the sun in the evening when the cost of electricity is more expensive, reducing my energy costs and the impact on the environment.”

– Deb, homeowner in Queensland, Australia