Consumers and regulators alike are driving accelerated adoption of renewable energy, thus inviting new generations of distribution and energy-management technologies onto grid systems. The utility of the future will operate a services network that can flexibly integrate and manage a range of distributed energy resources while making the grid safer and more resilient.

Building Virtual Power Plants

By leveraging powerful analytics that extend from the very edges of the grid, utilities are able to tie networks of distributed energy resources into virtual power plants that create value at the customer, distribution and wholesale levels.

Retail Providers

Retail electric companies rely on differentiated product offerings to maintain market share and build meaningful relationships with customers. By working with Sunverge, retail providers gain access to a dynamic portfolio of energy storage and power inverter hardware offerings integrated into a unified software platform. Retail providers can leverage Sunverge to provide customers with choice, bill savings and backup power, and to bid aggregated capacity into power and grid services markets.

“The technology from Sunverge helps us achieve our goals and continue to evolve the way we serve our customers.”

– William Ray, CEO, Glasgow Electric Plant Board

Transmission & Distribution

Power consumers globally are rapidly adopting Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). At the same time, traditional utility business models that rely heavily on selling kilowatts are facing increasing pressure to diversify. This poses a challenge for traditional transmission and distribution utilities: how do you provide access to high-quality, reliable electricity while keeping your operating costs low across systems with large peaks, bi-directional power flows and aging infrastructure? Sunverge provides utilities with unprecedented ability to leverage energy storage and other DERs to solve issues on the grid.

“If we have a storm alert and know there’s a chance of trees falling on wires, with the click of a button we can tell all these battery systems to charge up because we may need them for backup later.”

– Neetika Sathe, VP Corporate Development, PowerStream


As distributed generation becomes widespread, traditional power generation companies face threats—and opportunities. The Sunverge Energy Platform integrates with enterprise software, providing power companies with the ability to aggregate thousands of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) into virtual power plants that can be scheduled into real-time power and ancillary services markets. The Sunverge Energy Platform turns DERs into a new revenue engine for power companies adapting to an increasingly distributed grid.

“The integrated solar and storage approach enhances value to the grid by providing a dispatchable renewable power source that Con Edison can control and rely on in real time. We are excited to offer customers high performance systems for no upfront cost, and a cheaper, greener, simpler alternative to a traditional backup generator.”

– Matthew Ketschke, VP of Distributed Resource Integration, Con Edison