We work closely with our partners to provide their residential and commercial customers with a seamless experience deploying the most sophisticated solar, energy storage and home energy management solutions available on the market today.

Provide new, value-add energy services

As consumer demand for Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) increases, solar installers, homebuilders and energy services companies are seeking reliable, state-of-the-art products and responsive, professional services amidst an increasingly complex technology ecosystem.

In partnering with Sunverge, these companies are able to reduce complexity, increase revenues, and build brand awareness for their business. Sunverge has nearly a decade of experience providing homeowners the safest and most intelligent energy storage and home energy management solutions available today. Join dozens of other energy services companies and include the Sunverge solution in your portfolio of offerings today.

Key benefits include:

Immediate Value

The resources and support required to accelerate sales for Sunverge partners begins on day one.

Execution Track Record

With nearly 1,000 units under contract around the world, Sunverge has the experience to help you develop a program that meets your business’s unique needs.


Sunverge has worked with international, national and local governments to ensure that our systems meet the highest safety standards.

Fully-Integrated System

The all-in-one system is easy to install, eliminates hazardous wires and components that other battery technologies require and it can be used with new and existing rooftop solar.

“Energy storage is rapidly becoming a standard component of efficient rooftop solar installations that are ready for the future. At Haleakala Solar, we’re committed to delivering solar power systems at the best possible value for our customers, which is why we use storage systems from Sunverge, the industry leader for safety and experience.”

– Jim Whitcomb, Owner, Haleakala Solar