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Tokyo’s Tepco to Test Stem and Sunverge Behind-the-Meter Batteries as Vir[...]

Sunverge and Stem, two California-based behind-the-meter battery startups, have landed their first international projects in Japan, joining mutual investor Mitsui in a series of virtual power plant projects for massive utility Tokyo Electric Power Co. The projects, announced Monday, are relatively small-scale, considering Tepco’s scale as Japan’s biggest utility. Stem’s Tepco project will involve three […] more

California Energy Storage Companies Wade Into Japan Market

Two California energy storage providers [Sunverge Energy Inc. and Stem Inc.] say they are deploying networks of systems in Japan to help the country use more renewable energy. The companies, which gained an endorsement from Japan’s Ministry of Energy, Trade and Infrastructure, will install a “virtual power plant” made up initially of aggregated storage systems […] more

Arizona Public Service taps Sunverge for residential energy storage pilot

Arizona Public Service has selected Sunverge Energy for a storage pilot project that includes the company’s Home Energy Management Systems (HEMS), which it says can predict both load and solar generation. Sunverge has also been selected by Lakeland Electric and Green Mountain Power in Vermont to utilize its advanced, intelligent storage systems and Virtual Power Plant (VPP) […] more

Alectra Utilities CEO: ‘Someone’s going to cannibalize our busi[...]

Canadian electricity provider Alectra Utilities is living a distributed energy reality most U.S. utilities can only dream of. more

Panel beaters: Australia utilities branch out as customers shift to solar

Australia’s power utilities and grid operators, under threat from the world’s fastest take-up of home solar panels, are rushing to come up with ways to stay relevant and protect long-term revenues. more

Why Would Want to Buy Wink? And Other Less Questionable Smart Hom[...]

Australia-based AGL has been an active investor in grid edge companies including Sunverge. The company uses Sunverge solar battery systems for the world’s biggest virtual power plant project. more

Interview with John Di Stasio, Rule-makers dragging feet on energy transfor[...]

When paired with the right algorithm, distributed storage can stabilize the grid. AGL and Sunverge detected 44% drop in the peak demand in Australia. more

Sunverge Ranked as a Leading Integrator of Distributed-Scale Energy Storage

Grid benefits from distributed-scale energy storage systems are driving the development of software platforms that can serve as virtual power plants. more