We make renewable power reliable, economical and accessible to all. Our intelligent energy storage systems maximize the value of rooftop solar for homeowners and businesses.

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Our advanced, cloud-based energy management systems let utilities combine distributed renewable resources into virtual power plants.

Grid Services

The Sunverge Energy Platform provides utilities and grid operators with unprecedented visibility into and control over customer-sited Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). By linking emerging DERs to utility operations, Sunverge is dramatically expanding the opportunity for distributed solar, energy storage and load management devices to contribute to the global energy resource mix.

Energy Management

The Sunverge Energy Platform helps home and business owners leverage solar, energy storage and other energy management appliances to minimize their electricity bills and meet their power needs at any time with one easy-to-use application.

Energy Storage

The Sunverge storage systems capture excess solar energy to provide power when it is needed most—when the power goes out, when electricity prices spike, or when the sun isn’t shining. Sunverge curates a portfolio of hardware options from internationally recognized battery and power electronics suppliers in order to provide homeowners and businesses with safe, reliable and renewable power.


Advanced analytics at the edge of the grid is key to realizing the full economic and environmental potential of distributed energy resources. We believe the electric grid is a social good and should be made stronger and more resilient for everyone’s benefit. Our technology was created to support renewable energy today and the transformation of the existing grid into a flexible, services-based network of tomorrow.

Hours of backup power delivered since 2013

MWh Peak Load Reduction

Annual CO2 Reduction in Metric Tons

“Our project with Sunverge is the world’s largest, the first of its kind and an innovative solution to both help customers manage their energy bills and at the same time contribute to grid stability.”

–Andy Vesey, AGL Managing Director and CEO