Sunverge Joins RMI’s “Virtual Power Plant Partnership” with Industry Leaders

Sunverge’s decade-long experience in multi-service and multi-asset VPPs will help lead the group’s goal of virtual power plant market development and expansion

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sunverge, the provider of an industry-leading distributed energy resource (DER) control, orchestration and aggregation platform, today announced that it has joined RMI’s Virtual Power Plant Partnership (VP3). The initiative works to catalyze the industry and transform policies to support scaling virtual power plants (VPPs) in ways that help advance affordable, reliable electric sector decarbonization by overcoming barriers to VPP market growth. Among the industry companies participating in VP3 are Google Nest, Ford, General Motors, and more.

“We are excited to join RMI’s VP3 initiative and share our insights and decade-long experience to help inform the roadmap for further growth of virtual power plants globally. As an early pioneer in the VPP space – with our first load control, energy storage and distributed solar real-time VPP launching in 2012 – Sunverge brings a wealth of experience that can be leveraged to help grow the VPP market to the next level,” said Martin Milani, CEO of Sunverge. “The power industry is just scratching the surface of the value that VPP’s can provide to consumers, utilities, grid, and society. We see the capabilities of VPP as multifaceted and dynamic, moving us far beyond traditional demand response. Thoughtfully deployed, VPP’s will transform the power sector with greater integration of renewables, vehicle-to-grid integration, holistic and adaptive load management, greater grid resiliency and flexibility, and more.”

Sunverge, a pioneer in the VPP space, was among the first companies focused on defining, establishing and expanding the VPP technology and overall market, with projects aggregating and integrating DERs into core utility operations dating back to 2012. Across the U.S. Sunverge has worked on projects in Maryland, Illinois, California, Arizona, Michigan, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri; internationally, they’ve worked across Canada and numerous APAC countries.

Over the last decade, Sunverge’s projects have gone far beyond traditional VPP demand response offerings, including dynamic and real-time pricing, continuous and dynamic load shaping and shifting, contingency reserve, frequency regulation and voltage support as well as ancillary market services, among others, providing utilities with a more resilient and flexible distribution grid, and energy users with greater reliability. Most recently, Sunverge expanded its offerings beyond energy storage, PV and load control to include an advanced electric vehicle to home (V2H) and vehicle to grid (V2G) capability and deployments to support fleet electrification. The company is looking forward to continuing its work on the VPP industry in tandem with industry leaders in the Virtual Power Plant Partnership.

About Sunverge Energy
Sunverge Energy provides the leading open dynamic platform for Virtual Power Plants (VPP), a grid-aware and dynamic power source built from the aggregation of behind-the-meter DERs (distributed energy resources). The Sunverge real time DER control, orchestration and aggregation platform is unique in providing dynamic multi-objective optimization of services on both sides of the meter, helping customers with intelligent management of their own renewable energy generation and utilities with greater flexibility in managing their infrastructure investments, reducing generation costs, increasing system reliability and meeting their renewable energy goals. Together with the Sunverge Infinity edge controller, the Sunverge VPP platform provides intelligent dynamic near real-time control over decentralized energy resources that is efficient, reliable, and responsive to utilities and their customers. For more information, please visit

Ariel Marantz, Antenna Group for Sunverge