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Integrated Energy Storage: An Answer to Addressing the “Duck Curve”?

As utilities around the world grapple with declining utilization from widespread adoption of distributed solar, Sunverge Energy is providing integrated storage solutions behind-the-meter to flatten the load curve and create value for customers and utilities alike. A quick search of the internet reveals numerous articles outlining the challenges posed by accelerated uptake of distributed renewables, […] more

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Ken Munson & Philip Keogan On Australian Radio’s ‘Beyond Ze[...]

There is a fundamental shift happening in the electricity market. With distributed storage and the ubiquity of cloud based software solutions, Sunverge’s solar and storage solution created a bi-directional flow of information and energy which is changing the way we use the traditional one-way grid. Beyond Zero’s Anthony Daniele is joined in the studio by Sunverge Co-founder, […] more
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Sunverge CEO Ken Munson on the Business Case for Energy Storage; Guest Post[...]

Kenneth Munson of Sunverge Energy builds the business case for energy storage and its value for both electricity consumers and providers. Read more here. more

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Cleantechnica Interview With CEO Ken Munson

CleanTechnica Editor Zachary Shahan talks exclusively with Sunverge Energy CEO, Ken Munson, to get his perspective on company origins and philosophy, what makes Sunverge different and where Sunverge Energy is headed. The interview touches on how Sunverge’s Solar Integration System (SIS) platform enables utilities to aggregate and orchestrate customer-sited storage assets and control them as […] more