Sunverge Announces Support for CIM based API Integration

Sunverge’s advanced DER control and orchestration platform now supporting CIM standards-based integration with utility DMS, ADMS, EMS and ISO/RTO MMS systems

SAN FRANCISCO – (Business Wire) – Sunverge, the provider of the industry-leading Distributed Energy Resource (DER) control and aggregation platform, today announced its platform now also supports advanced Common Information Model (CIM)-based interfaces including full integration with Distribution Management Systems (DMS), Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS), Energy Management Systems (EMS), and Market Management Systems (MMS). With the support of the CIM-based standards, the Sunverge platform continues to accelerate the integration of DERs into core utility operations, enabling utilities to not only easily operate distribution level VPPs as an integrated part of their distribution system operations and automation but also easily and directly integrate with wholesale market management systems to bid DER-based ancillary services into wholesale markets.

The Sunverge Energy Platform and its advanced self-learning algorithms, built on over a decade of smart grid experience, optimizes how DERs are controlled, orchestrated and aggregated. Advanced capabilities such as real-time granular behind the meter visibility and control are becoming increasingly important as DER proliferation continues and utilities are embarking on the aggregation and integration of DERs into core operations such as distribution grid operation, automation and planning along with aggregating DERs for participation in wholesale markets for ancillary services. Sunverge’s software provides the unique ability to dynamically value stack and co-optimize multiple services on both sides of the meter, thereby offering value to the consumer while also adding value to the utility’s grid operations in addition to providing the ability to bid aggregated ancillary services such as capacity and frequency regulation in wholesale markets.

Sunverge platform now supports IEC 61850, 61968, 61970 and 52325-301 standards for integration with core utility distribution management systems as well as direct integration with Market Management Systems.

“The Sunverge platform is enabling standards-based integration with utility DMS/ADMS, EMS and ISO/RTO MMS systems to control, integrate and manage aggregated DERs” said Martin Milani, CEO of Sunverge. “The passing of FERC order 2222 opens additional monetization streams for aggregated multi-asset and multi-service DERs, unlocking significant benefits for consumers, utilities and the environment”.

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Jared Blanton